Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross with Crucifix

Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross with Crucifix

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Discover solace and reassurance with our "Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross," crafted from genuine Jerusalem stone, sourced from the Holy Land itself. This unique set now features an added touch of sacred symbolism with a crucifix attached to the rough cross. Measuring approximately 4" by 3", these crosses hold immense religious and spiritual value, connecting you to the revered heritage of Jerusalem. Our product can  ensure you find the perfect symbol of comfort for various life transitions, including separation and bereavement.


1. Authentic Jerusalem Stone from the Holy Land: Our crosses are meticulously cut from genuine Jerusalem stone, carrying the divine essence of the Holy Land's spiritual legacy. Embrace its profound religious significance and connect to your Christian faith like never before.

2. Two-Piece Design with Metal Crucifix: Each set includes two distinct crosses, one smooth and one rough, symbolizing the dual nature of existence. The smooth cross, meant for the casket or urn, represents serene peace in heaven. The rough cross, kept by the living, embodies earthly challenges while preserving memories of your beloved. The rough cross now features an intricately designed metal crucifix, adding a powerful spiritual dimension to your connection.

3. Comforting Symbolism: The Comfort Cross serves as a tangible reminder of the everlasting spiritual bond between individuals, even during times of separation. Experience divine solace, strength, and hope during your mourning journey or while navigating life's changes.

4. Satin Bag and Certificate of Authenticity: Our elegantly presented set comes with a satin bag, adding reverence to the experience. The included certificate of authenticity ensures genuine Jerusalem stone from the Holy Land, along with the exquisitely crafted metal crucifix.


- Embracing Spiritual Roots: Our Jerusalem stone connects you to the essence of the Holy Land, providing profound spiritual belonging during times of grief or separation.

- Sacred Symbolism: The smooth cross embodies heavenly peace, while the rough cross with the metal crucifix symbolizes earthly challenges with the eternal presence of faith. Experience life's spiritual journey and cherish your connection with loved ones, no matter the physical distance.

- Everlasting Remembrance: Keep one cross and leave the other with your dear ones, creating an enduring bond that transcends distance or loss. The memories and love live on forever, strengthened by the spiritual symbolism of the metal crucifix.

The "Jerusalem Stone Comfort Cross with Crucifix" is a profoundly meaningful and spiritually enriching gift, offering comfort, hope, and connection during various life transitions. With its crucifix, this product carries an added sacred significance, providing a timeless symbol of faith and love. Optimize your search for a perfect symbol of comfort by embracing the sacred essence of Jerusalem with our special Comfort Cross Set.

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