Abba Isn't Daddy and Other Biblical Surprises

Abba Isn't Daddy and Other Biblical Surprises

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Fr. William L. Burton, O.F.M., doesn’t want you to be intimidated by studying the Bible. In fact, as a scripture scholar, he believes reading God’s Word is not only educational but also fun and entertaining. “The Bible is filled with surprises!” he says.


In Abba Isn’t Daddy and Other Biblical Surprises, Burton answers a number of fascinating questions that help you become more familiar with the Bible and your Catholic faith.


Have you ever wondered whether “Christ” is Jesus’ last name?


Did you know that when Jesus called God “Abba” he didn’t really mean the familiar “Daddy” as you may have been taught?


Could the Our Father have originally been a Jewish prayer?


Burton answers these questions and many others in Abba Isn’t Daddy and Other Biblical Surprises: What Catholics Really Need to Know about Scripture Study. The book will satisfy your curiosity about biblical subjects you’ve heard of and passages you’ve wondered about but never really pondered deeply nor understood.


Burton, a renowned scripture, introduces you to basic principles of scripture study and aids in your exploration of intriguing questions about the life of Jesus.


In part 1, Burton examines the history of the Bible, tools for scripture study, and the importance of archaeological, cultural, and linguistic discoveries for understanding the Bible. He also offers a fascinating explanation of how the geography of Israel played a crucial role in the Bible’s content and development.


In part 2, Burton addresses interesting questions related to the origin and meaning of topics in the New Testament.


Abba Isn’t Daddy and Other Biblical Surprises is a perfect resource to encourage you to learn the principles of scripture study and undertake a deeper reading of the Bible.


Author: William L. Burton O.F.M

ISBN: 1594718393 EAN: 9781594718397

Publisher: Ave Maria Press

Binding: Paperback

192 Pages

Size: 5.5 x 8.5 Inches

Copyright Date: 2019 Pub Date: March 08, 2019

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