Ask The Bishop Questions And Answers Over The Years

Ask The Bishop Questions And Answers Over The Years

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Questions about the Catholic faith deserve serious answers—especially when they are posed by children. In Ask the Bishop, Bishop Jeffrey Monforton thoughtfully responds to important questions asked by kindergarteners through high schoolers.


Bishop Monforton gives compelling answers that all curious Catholics will learn from. Ask the Bishop answers questions on Catholic teaching Friendship with Jesus Prayer Scripture Sacraments And so much more


Written in the welcoming style of a skilled teacher, Ask the Bishop proves that no one is too young to encounter the life-giving message of Jesus Christ.


Bishop Jeffrey M. Monforton is the bishop of Steubenville, Ohio. He is the former rector of Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Ask the Bishop began as an initiative in Bishop Monforton’s diocesan newspaper, where children of all ages could write in questions about the faith and receive a response from the Bishop.

ISBN: 1949013995 EAN: 9781949013993 Publisher: Emmaus Road Publishing Binding: Paperback Pub Date: June 30, 2020

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