Better Than OK Finding Joy As A Special-Needs Parent

Better Than OK Finding Joy As A Special-Needs Parent

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Kelly Mantoan wasn’t always able to say these words. As a mother of five children, two with profound disabilities, all her energy and attention was focused on her children’s diagnoses. Drained and struggling, Kelly wondered if she had what it took to be the kind of parent they needed. She craved support as a Catholic parent with special-needs children, but most secular support groups couldn’t help her see and understand God’s plan.

If you can relate to Kelly's story, Better Than OK: Finding Joy as a Special Needs Parent is the hope-filled book you need today. In her down-to-earth way, Kelly shares practical tips and takeaways to shift your focus -- away from the negatives of the diagnosis and toward acceptance, renewed faith, and joy.

Better Than OK is a much-needed resource for any Catholic parent facing the challenges of a special needs family.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kelly Mantoan is a Catholic convert, wife, mother to five, homeschooler, and special needs parent. She writes about her faith, family, homeschooling, and special needs parenting at her popular blog This Ain't the Lyceum. In 2019 Kelly started a conference and online apostolate, Accepting the Gift, for Catholic special needs parents. Accepting the Gift provides support and resources that can help Catholic special needs parents thrive in their unique vocation.

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