Breathe Blessing Bracelet

  • $18.99

In time of need, run your finger along the simple string of the Breathe Bracelet; grasp the medal, and just breathe. By simply focusing our attention on taking a breath and linking that breath to God, we can dispel chaos and go back to our spiritual roots. The Breathe Bracelet is your tangible reminder each and every day to stop, breathe, and make space for God. 

 Adjustable string which opens to 9.5" diameter

Handwoven in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Silver or gold-tone 1 cm Benedictine medal and our logo charm

Medals made in Italy

On a card with an inspirational message and the reminder of the power of prayer

Each Rainbow Breathe bracelet is unique and varies slightly with each bracelet due to gradient color changes in the cording

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