Catholic Words Memory Match Card Game

  • $12.99

Instilling a love and reverence for the faith should begin at an early age. These cards will help do just that!


Watch your little one’s excitement at Mass when they recognize the vessels, objects and vestments used in the liturgy. Introducing these words will help prepare them to receive the Sacraments and inaugurate a lifelong journey of learning about the wonders of their Catholic faith.


Like the popular game Concentration, the object of Catholic Words Memory Match is to turn over matching pairs of cards. Each deck has 52 2.5” x 3.5” (64mm x 89mm) cards—that’s 26 pairs of bright and colorful illustrations created just for this game. The images and text make it fun to practice reading and word recognition.


Cards for Volume 1 include:

Altar, Altar Bells, Altar Candles, Ambo, Baptismal Font, Baptismal Shell, Book of the Gospels, Chalice, Chasuble, Ciborium, Confessional, Crucifix, Cruets, Holy oils, Holy Water, Font, Host, Miter, Monstrance, Paten, Pew, Sanctuary, Lamp, Stations of the Cross, Stole, Surplice, Tabernacle, Thurible


The cards for Volume 2 include:

Advent Wreath, Alb, Ambry, Aspergillum, Aspersorium, Biretta, Cassock, Cincture, Collection Basket, Corporal, Credence Table, Crosier, Dalmatic, Hymnal, Lavabo Set, Missal Stand, Mozzetta, Offering Box, Pallium, Palm Branches, Paschal Candle, Presider’s Chair, Pyx, Rosary, Votive Candle, Zucchetto

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