Drinking with the Saints Deluxe Edition

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It's the full-color edition of Drinking with the Saints!


Recipe for a liturgically correct cocktail: mix Bartender's Guide and Lives of the Saints, shake well and garnish with good cheer. Drinking with the Saints is a concoction that both sinner and saint will savor. Michael Foley offers the faithful drinker witty and imaginative instruction on the appropriate libations for the seasons, feasts, and saints' days of the Church year.


A guide to wine, beer, and spirits, including 38 original cocktails

Lively sketches of scores of saints, from the popular to the obscure

Tips on giving the perfect toast and on mixing the perfect drink

Even includes drinks for Lent!


Pub crawl your way through the sacred seasons with this entertaining and useful collection of cocktail recipes, distilled spirits, beer, and wine for virtually every occasion on the Catholic liturgical calendar. One part bartender's guide, one part spiritual manual, a dash of irreverence, and mixed with love: Drinking with the Saints is a work that both sinner and saint will savor.


Author: Michael P. Foley

ISBN: 1684512557 EAN: 9781684512553

Publisher: Regnery History

Binding: Hardcover

487 Pages

Pub Date: March 15, 2022

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