Finding Christ In The Crisis

Finding Christ In The Crisis

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The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the life of the Church. Because of the suspension of public Masses and the disruption of parish life, many feel disconnected from Christ and his Church. As Catholics, we are wrestling with the theological and spiritual ramifications of the pandemic and how to discern God’s will in this time of crisis.


In Finding Christ in the Crisis: What the Pandemic Can Teach Us, Fr. Harrison Ayre and Michael Heinlein shed light on what God might be saying to us now, both in the Church and in the world. Through scriptural interpretation and examination of particular realities of Faith, we can realize that, while we may at times be restricted in our access to the sacraments and even to pastoral leadership, the effects of this pandemic are by no means a defeat.


Instead, as men and women of faith, we have an opportunity to rediscover the heart of our Catholic identity and to find God in the midst of the storm.


ISBN: 168192773X EAN: 9781681927732

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor

Binding: Paperback

Pub Date: November 01, 2020

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