Lavender Scented Bath Bomb, Immaculate Waters

Lavender Scented Bath Bomb, Immaculate Waters

  • $4.99

Immaculate Waters Lavender Bath Bomb is unlike anything on the market. Made with love and pure Lourdes Grotto water, it has a lovely lavender scent and makes bathing a calming, pleasurable experience. It is made with the highest quality ingredients, including the best oils, shea butter and lavender fragrance.


How could it be easier for the faithful to receive Lourdes water in a way they could use it daily, but not incur the cost of traveling to or importing water from Lourdes? That's where the idea for Immaculate Waters comes: Add genuine Lourdes grotto water into high-quality bath products so faithful could use it against their bodies on a daily basis.


This product is made, packaged, and labeled by hand here in the U.S.

The only imported ingredients are essential oil and Lourdes Grotto Water.

Products are never tested on animals.

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