Lectio Divina for Teens

Lectio Divina for Teens

  • $12.95

Did you know God has written you a letter? It's "hidden" in the sacred Scriptures. The Scriptures are God's word for his people, the Church. But he also uses them to speak a special word to every person who seeks him there. This prayer journal is all about learning to "read" God's letter to you in the Scriptures, using an ancient prayer method known as lectio divina. In the pages of this journal, you'll get a crash course in lectio divina, and then you'll have a chance to practice it yourself. What will God say to you? What will you say back to God? This prayer journal is meant to help you enter into a real conversation with God - a conversation between friends.


ISBN: 1681925028 EAN: 9781681925028

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor

Binding: Paperback

Pub Date: June 17, 2019

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