Letters To A College Student

Letters To A College Student

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Letters to a College Student: On the Light of Reason and the Search for TruthDr. Robert StackpoleA girl named Krystal goes off to university for the first time, and she is immediately dazzled by all the different philosophies, religions, and world-views on display there. What can she make of it all? So she writes to her uncle Robert, the only professional philosopher and theologian that she knows, sharing her struggles at university to find the truth about herself, her world-and her God. And he writes back-again and again. These are his letters. Join Krystal on a fascinating tour of the essential wisdom of western civilization, from Boethius, Thomas Aquinas, and Leo Tolstoy to C.S. Lewis, Albert Einstein and John Paul II. Along the way her uncle tackles the New Atheism, the New Age Movement, and other contemporary streams of thought, and he addresses the questions that every mind, young or old, sincerely wants answered: Can we really know anything with confidence? Is there a God who made the universe? What is a human being anyway-do human beings have souls as well as bodies? Is there life after death? Why do innocent people suffer so much? And most of all: what is my heart's desire, and how can I find it? Here is an ideal introduction to western philosophy, and its continuing relevance to the questions we ask today. Discover how reason can still light the way in our search for the truth of who we are-and who we are meant to be."Robert Stackpole makes the case that reason, combined with honest investigation, reveals a world that witnesses beyond the possibility of reasonable doubt to the truth of Belief in God. His marshaling of evidence in a cumulative case argument is impressive" (Dr. Robert A. Larmer, Chair, Dept. of Philosophy, University of New Brunswick). C.S. Lewis scholar Robert Stackpole, STD, taught Theology & Philosophy at Redeemer Pacific College at Trinity Western University from 2002 to 2011. He is Director of the JPII Institute for Divine Mercy and Asst. Director of Faith-Formation at the St. Therese' Institute.

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