Memorial Gift Cross: Handmade Glass

  • $19.99

A unique gift for a someone who has lost a loved one. A 4" glass cross handmade in the USA. Each amber cross will be unique in the swirls and colors created by the firing of the glass. The cross hangs from a white satin ribbon, perfect for display anytime of year and any place... a rear view mirror, window, drawer knob, bible page marker, ornament stand or Christmas tree.


The message this gift of comfort sends were touched by a unique life and love you will always carry with you. They will treasure the sentiment and this gift they can find comfort in. Gift-boxed in white 5.5x5.5 clear top box with Made Like You sentiment and art.


In Memory of your Loved One

This cross is given to you in love, comfort, and remembrance.  A symbol pf faith, it shines with light from within, and was shaped by hand with skill and care.  In the depth and richness of color, it is truly one of a kind...just as God made each of us.  In your loss, always remember the truly unique life and love shard with you.  Although no longer here, you loved one's light will continue to shine through you, warming your soul and all the memories you hold in your heart.


Made in the USA


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