On Being Human

On Being Human

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For almost thirty years Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen adressed the problems and preoccupations of life in a weekly column called Bishop Sheen Writes, offering advice, solace, and the wisdom of experience. On Being Human is a collection of 117 of the best of these, culled from among more than a thousand which appeared in dozens of newspapers from 1949 to 1977. Here are Bishop Sheen's thoughts on such subjects as the relationship between God and man, the quest for holiness, the pain of the human condition. Here are the fruits of lifelong meditation jon love, reason, the family, charity, freedom, education -- in short, upon the world as we live in it. Here is practical advice on how to deal with sex, with egotism, even with the atomic bomb. Here, above all, is the luminescence of belief in and commitment to humanity in all its many manifestations.


ISBN: 0385184697 EAN: 9780385184694

Publisher: Image

Binding: Paperback

Pub Date: March 01, 1995

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