Raku Medallion Pendants

  • $9.99

Handmade Raku Medallion Pendants with multi-color copper matte glaze and crackle design.  1.5" Inch Medallion Pendant comes on a black satin cord necklace with slip knots. The reverse side of each medallion is engraved with a message of faith.  Each medallion is crafted by hand.


The Raku technique dates back to 16th century Japan. Raku firing creates completely unique pieces as there is never a certainty as to how the final piece will turn out. Each handcrafted piece is fired in an outdoor kiln and left to smoulder in a pit with wood shavings. 


Each piece is one of a kind and will have some variation from photos.


Message on back of Celtic Cross:  I am Grateful

Message on back of Heart Cross:  I am Grateful


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