Sacred Heart Of Jesus LED Flameless Devotional Candle 2

Sacred Heart Of Jesus LED Flameless Devotional Candle 2

  • $12.99

Every guardian angel is like a nurturing mother, an archetypal mother—the “perfect” mother. This mother would always be running after her child, doing her best to keep the child safe. She would certainly take an active interest in the child’s life, following their earthly journey closely. This is how guardian angels feel about you, the way a doting mother feels about her child. And just like the best of mothers, a guardian angel’s love is unconditional.


Angel of God Prayer in English and Spanish is on the back for Meditation and Prayer


LED, FLAMELESS candle designed with an authentic candle effect including the flicker creating the aura of a real flame, but still safe for environments including Hospitals, children’s rooms, retirement homes, nurseries.


6 hour timer gives you more hours of enjoyment that automatically comes on 6 hours, off 18 Hours, creating a 24-Hour cycle, repeating each day. On/Off position plus a 6 hour timer gives you more versatility.


Pillar Candle is 8 inches tall x 2 inches in diameter


Requires two double AA Batteries, (Batteries not included).

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