St Francis of Assisi Icon Plaque

St Francis of Assisi Icon Plaque

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This portrait icon of Saint Francis depicts the saint with the two symbols that most characterize his life: the cross of sacrifice and the dove of divine peace. The saint icons of this well-loved saint are based upon an icon painted by a contemporary of St. Francis. Disinterested in his merchant father's business and in formal learning, as a youth Francis was bent on enjoying himself. Led by divine signs and inspiration, though, he took up a life of great charity and self-mortification. Disinherited by his father, he stripped himself of his clothes and gave them to his father, telling him "Hitherto I have called you father on earth; but now I say, 'Our Father, Who art in Heaven.'" As his first alms he was given the poor robe of a laborer, on which he made a cross with chalk.

His love for God and "Lady Poverty" drew many disciples around him, giving birth to the Order of Friars Minor. During one of his desert retreats, he saw a vision of crucified seraph and received in his hands, feet, and side the five bleeding wounds of Christ. 

Wooden Plaque With Lumina Gold

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