The Children's Book of Angels

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Have you ever seen an angel? Many people in the Bible did!


Children are intrigued by angels, and we actually know a lot about them. Learn from this new, full-color book, packed full of angel info from the Bible, the saints, the Catechism, and Church tradition.


In a straightforward Q&A approach we answer what children ask us about angels:

When did God make angels--and why?

How are they like us--and how are they not like us?

What do they do? (And you'll learn many, many Scriptural examples!)

Are all angels alike? What did St Thomas Aquinas tell us?

Where can you go which will always be full of angels?

Prayers the angels say, prayers we can say to the angels--so much more!


The Children's Book of Angels presents Catholic teaching about angels for children ages 3-7.


Imprimatur & Nihil Obstat


Author: Jerry Windley-Daoust

Illustrations: Austyn Schwartzbeck

32 pages with full-color illustrations throughout

Softcover, 7 inches x 9 inches



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