The Sinner's Guide To Natural Family Planning

The Sinner's Guide To Natural Family Planning

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An easy and lively read-funny, frank, and thoroughly grounded in Catholic theology.

So, you've decided to use Natural Family Planning.


Has it blessed your marriage? Deepened your respect for your body? Has it made your sex life fantastic? Do you and your spouse hold hands at sunset, and do pink flowers grow around your marital bed?

If so, this book is not for you.


But if you've tried Natural Family Planning and have discovered that your life is now awful-or if you feel judged or judgey, or if you trust NFP but your doctor doesn't, or if you're just trying to figure out how the heck to have a sex life that is holy but still human-you'll find comfort, encouragement, honesty, wit, and, most important, practical advice in The Sinner's Guide to NFP.


Popular Catholic writer Simcha Fisher shows what it's really like to practice NFP, and how to achieve those fabled "marriage building" benefits.


The Sinner's Guide to NFP helps you with:

NFP and Your Spiritual Life

NFP and the Rest of the World

NFP in the Trenches


The next time you ask yourself, "If NFP is wonderful, why am I so miserable?" - don't panic. The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning is here to help.


ISBN: 1612787878 EAN: 9781612787879

Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor

Binding: Paperback

Copyright Date: 2014 Pub Date: February 04, 2014

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